'The Crown' to 'Apurva': OTT releases this week


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Apurva (Disney+ Hotstar) 

A girl named Apurva gets kidnapped by a gang of four gangsters and manages to escape from their clutches. 

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The Crown season 6 part 1 (Netflix) 

The final chapter chronicles the growing romance between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, culminating in a tragic car accident. 

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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (AppleTV+) 

2 siblings follow in their father's footsteps to uncover their family's connection to the secretive organization known as Monarch. 

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The Railway Men (Netflix) 

After deadly gas leaks from a factory in Bhopal, brave railway workers risk their lives to save others in the face of an unspeakable disaster. 

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The Killer (Netflix) 

After a fateful near-miss, an assassin battles his employers and himself, on an international manhunt he insists isn't personal. 

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Sukhee (Netflix) 

A housewife, who is fed up with her mundane existence, gets to relive the past while attending a school reunion. 

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The Great Indian Family (Amazon Prime Video 

A devout Hindu is confronted with an identity crisis and an intellectual conflict when he learns he is actually a Muslim by birth. 

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Leo (Netflix) 

A mild-mannered cafe owner in Kashmir fends off a gang of murderous thugs and gains attention from a drug cartel. 

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