Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Enters Seventh Day: Workers Receiving Mental Health Support

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As the rescue operation for 41 workers trapped inside the Silkyara-Barkot tunnel in Uttarkashi reaches its seventh day, the Uttarakhand government has taken a unique approach to address the mental well-being of those stranded.

Authorities have reported that medical workers are providing anti-depression tablets to the trapped individuals who have been confined since Sunday morning.

The under-construction tunnel on the Yamunotri Highway became the site of a challenging rescue mission after an unfortunate incident left the workers stranded. In response, the state’s health department has established a camp outside the tunnel, equipped with six beds and essential medicines. Additionally, 10 ambulances have been deployed to ensure immediate medical assistance if needed.

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Dr RCS Panwar, the chief medical officer (CMO) of Uttarkashi, stated, “We have been sending a psychiatrist and senior physician inside the tunnel for counseling of the trapped workers.”

This approach emphasizes the importance of addressing not only the physical but also the mental well-being of those involved in the prolonged rescue operation.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the trapped workers have not reported any serious illnesses, according to the CMO. This resilient response is a testament to the workers’ endurance and the efforts of the rescue teams involved.

The Uttarakhand government remains committed to the safety and well-being of the trapped individuals, employing a comprehensive approach that includes both medical and psychological support. The continuation of the rescue operation underscores the collective determination to ensure the successful evacuation of the workers from the tunnel.

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