Prince William Voted ‘Sexiest Bald Man of 2023,’ Fans Express Outrage

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In an unexpected turn of events, Prince William of the United Kingdom has been crowned the ‘sexiest bald man of 2023,’ causing a wave of surprise and outrage among fans. The title, determined by a study conducted by the marketing agency Reboot, utilized Google searches and various criteria to assess the sex appeal of bald celebrities.

The study took into account factors such as the number of times Prince William was searched on Google with terms like “shirtless” or “naked.” Additionally, the analysis considered celebrities’ heights, vocal attractiveness, net worth, and the shininess of their scalps, assigning a total score out of 10 to define “sexiness.”

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With a remarkable total score of 9.88, Prince William claimed the top spot, leaving Hollywood heavyweights Vin Diesel and Jason Statham trailing closely behind in the second and third positions, respectively.

Breaking down Prince William’s credentials, the study revealed his net worth of 100 million dollars, a towering height of 1.91m, and an impressive 37,200 yearly searches for “shirtless” and “naked” queries. In terms of “vocal attractiveness,” he earned a score of 9.91 out of 10, and his “shine factor” was rated at 8.90 out of 10.

Despite the numerical backing, the decision sparked controversy, especially given the competition. Hollywood star Samuel L Jackson secured the fourth position, while billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos claimed the fifth spot, significantly boosted by his staggering net worth of 145,000 million dollars.

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Further down the list, basketball legend Michael Jordan, WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson, Hollywood star Shemar Moore, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, and actor Terry Crews secured the sixth to tenth positions, respectively.

The unexpected outcome has stirred conversations and debates among fans, questioning the criteria and sparking discussions about the diverse definitions of “sexiness” in the public eye.

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