Netanyahu Denies Reports of 5-Day Truce with Hamas, Says ‘No Deal Yet’ for Hostage Release

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Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the media on November 18, dismissing recent reports of a potential agreement for the release of hostages held by Hamas. Netanyahu clarified that there is currently no deal on the table regarding the hostages, refuting earlier claims of progress in negotiations.

In a press conference, Netanyahu refuted what he referred to as ‘incorrect reports’ circulating in the past few days about possible agreements that could lead to the release of hostages held by Hamas. The Times of Israel reported on November 19 that the Israeli President denied the existence of any formal deal.

This statement comes in response to The Washington Post’s earlier report, suggesting that Israel, the United States, and Hamas were allegedly ‘close’ to reaching an agreement. According to The Washington Post, the potential deal involved freeing dozens of women and children held hostage in Gaza, contingent upon a five-day truce in hostilities.

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Netanyahu was specifically asked about the possibility that Israel had declined a serious deal, first reported on November 15, for the release of 50 hostages. In response, he asserted that there is no current agreement on the table, dispelling speculations and emphasizing the absence of a finalized deal regarding the hostages held by Hamas.

The situation remains fluid, with conflicting reports and statements from various sources. As developments unfold, the international community will closely monitor any progress or setbacks in the negotiations between Israel and Hamas regarding the release of hostages and the potential for a temporary truce.

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