Massive Security Deployment for ICC World Cup Final in Ahmedabad with PM Modi in Attendance

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As the excitement builds for the ICC World Cup final between India and Australia on November 19, Ahmedabad gears up with an extensive security arrangement, deploying over 6,000 security personnel to ensure a safe and secure environment for the event.

The Narendra Modi stadium, set to host the epic cricket showdown, will see a significant presence of security forces, with more than 3,000 personnel stationed inside the stadium itself. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles are among the key dignitaries expected to attend the final at the Motera.

The security measures extend beyond the stadium, with the remaining 3,000 personnel strategically deployed to safeguard other crucial locations. This includes providing security at hotels where players and other dignitaries will be staying during the event, ensuring a comprehensive security cover for all aspects of the World Cup final.

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The scale of the security deployment reflects the significance of the event and the high-profile attendees. Prime Minister Modi’s presence adds an extra layer of importance to the occasion, and the security personnel are working tirelessly to create a secure environment for all spectators, players, and dignitaries.

Cricket enthusiasts can expect a thrilling final match not only on the field but also in a secure and well-protected atmosphere, thanks to the meticulous planning and execution of the security measures in Ahmedabad. The deployment of such a substantial number of security personnel underscores the commitment to hosting a successful and incident-free ICC World Cup final.

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