Decoding the Origins of “Hello” on World Hello Day 2023

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As we delve into the history of telecommunication, the familiar greeting of “Hello” holds a fascinating tale. Why do we utter this simple word when answering a call, and who was the mastermind behind its adoption? On the occasion of World Hello Day 2023, let’s unravel the story behind this ubiquitous phone greeting and explore the roots of a tradition that connects us across distances.

Before the Phone: The Era of Varied Greetings

In the days before the telephone became a household staple, there was no standardized greeting for answering calls simply because the technology hadn’t yet emerged. People would use a range of greetings or phrases, creating a diverse landscape of salutations.

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Hello Emerges with the Telephone

As the telephone became more prevalent, the need for a universal greeting became apparent. Enter the inception of the now-ubiquitous “Hello.” Before it became the norm, people experimented with various options to find the perfect phrase that conveyed both acknowledgment and friendliness.

The Edison and Bell Connection

The credit for popularizing “Hello” as the go-to phone greeting goes to none other than Thomas Edison. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, initially favored the maritime term “Ahoy” for answering calls. However, in a twist of fate, Thomas Edison, another luminary of the era, misheard “Ahoy” and proposed “Hello” in 1877.

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World Hello Day: A Global Celebration of Connection

In honor of the universal greeting that bridges distances, World Hello Day is celebrated annually on November 21st. This day serves as a reminder of the power of a simple greeting in fostering peace and communication. The core idea behind World Hello Day is to encourage individuals to take the initiative to greet others, promoting goodwill and understanding among people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.


As we pick up our phones and say “Hello,” we participate in a tradition that spans time and technology. The journey from varied greetings to the establishment of “Hello” as the universal phone salutation is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of communication. On World Hello Day 2023, let’s celebrate the simple yet powerful act of greeting, recognizing its role in fostering connections and understanding across the globe.

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