China’s Special Envoy Signals Intent to Enhance Ties with Maldives

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In a significant diplomatic move, China’s Special Envoy Shen Yiqin, representing President Xi Jinping, expressed Beijing’s commitment to bolstering ties with the Maldives during a meeting with the newly inaugurated Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu in Male on Saturday.

Shen, who attended President Muizzu’s inauguration, conveyed China’s eagerness to advance projects under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and foster new progress in bilateral relations. According to the state-run Xinhua news agency, Shen, a State Councillor, emphasized China’s dedication to strengthening high-level political guidance and deepening synergy of development strategies with the Maldives.

During the meeting, Shen stated, “China attaches great importance to its relations with the Maldives and is willing to work with the country under the new circumstances to strengthen high-level political guidance, deepen synergy of their development strategies, and further expand cooperation and exchanges in various fields.”

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Furthermore, China expressed its readiness to promote high-quality cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, signaling a commitment to advancing collaborative projects that align with the shared interests of both nations. The envoy underscored China’s vision for a future-oriented, all-encompassing, friendly, and cooperative partnership with the Maldives.

In response, President Muizzu affirmed the new Maldivian government’s unwavering commitment to the one-China policy and expressed a proactive stance in strengthening practical cooperation with China across various sectors. This includes joint efforts in building the Belt and Road Initiative, reflecting the Maldives’ willingness to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships with China.

The meeting between the Chinese Special Envoy and President Muizzu sets the stage for potential advancements in Sino-Maldivian relations, with an emphasis on economic cooperation and strategic collaboration under the Belt and Road Initiative. The international community will be closely watching how these diplomatic efforts unfold and contribute to the evolving dynamics in the region.

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