Amit Shah promises Free Ayodhya Ram Darshan in Telangana if BJP Secures Victory

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah, currently on a campaign trail in Telangana ahead of the upcoming assembly polls, made a significant promise today. Shah pledged to facilitate free darshan (sacred viewing) of Ramlala in Ayodhya if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerges victorious in the state.

Scheduled to unveil the BJP’s manifesto during his visit to Telangana on Saturday, Amit Shah’s commitment to provide free access to the revered Ram Darshan in Ayodhya adds a unique dimension to the party’s electoral pitch. The announcement came as part of Shah’s campaign in Gadwal, Nalgonda, and Warangal.

After the manifesto launch, the Union Home Minister is set to address enthusiastic supporters in these key areas, further intensifying the BJP’s efforts to garner support.

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The BJP is actively participating in the intense three-way battle for supremacy in the Telangana assembly election. With all 119 seats up for grabs on November 30, political observers suggest a tough competition, highlighting the KCR-led BRS as the current frontrunner.

Amit Shah’s promise of free Ayodhya Ram Darshan not only seeks to sway voters but also underscores the BJP’s commitment to cultural and religious sentiments. As election day approaches, the political landscape in Telangana is poised for an engaging contest between the ruling BRS, BJP, and Congress. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage and updates on the unfolding political scenario in Telangana.

Who is Amit sister?

Amit Shah’s sister is Anupriya Patel.

How much has Narendra Modi studied?

Narendra Modi completed his higher secondary education. He has not pursued formal higher education at a university.

What is Modi age?

As of 2023, Narendra Modi is 73 years old.

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